Snipers Corner - The Paintball Sniper Resouce Archive

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Sniper's School
    A beginners guide to sniping. Learn the basics here.

Stalk & Crawl
    The how-to's on sniper techniques

    Get where you want to be the sniper's way

5 Points of Movement NEW!!
    The checklist before you step

Training drills
    Train like you play, play like you train

Urban Sniper Operations
    Nothing but concrete. 

    Fighting In Built Up Areas 

Mission :Assassinations  
    Put one on the big guy and make it count! 

Use of Cover  
    5 easy steps to making yourself undetectable in the bush 

Counter Sniper Operations
    How to eliminate your evil twin

Sniper Quick Tips 
    An on-going list of tid-bits from the OSOK sniper group

Scout Training
    It's the buddy system that makes it great. 

    Hit what you shoot at? What a novel idea!! 

Observation   NEW!!
    Did you see that? Well you would have if you were paying attention!!

Choosing Proper Sniper Hides   NEW!!
    I've got the B.L.U.E.S., woah, woah, woha!!



Ghille Suits
    It's Bigfoot, no Chewbacca, no its a sniper!! 

    Get some glass on that marker

How to zero a scope
    X marks the spot, so lets keep it that way

Sniper markers
    How to choose the right marker for you

Give your Spyder eyes -
    Optics for Spyder users

Paintball: Math & Physics
    Want to know what REALLY shoots best?

Marker Camo Basics
    Put something over that sore thumb

Semi Vs. Pump
    pop pop pop or thunk click thunk?? Jeff will help you out

How to side mount a scope on a vertical feed marker - 
    Hang some glass without drilling holes

CO2 and CO2 Accessories Basics- 
    It's not just for putting burps in your Coke

Making a Military type Ghillie Wrap NEW!!
    Poppa Bear gives the skinny on hiding that sore thumb of a marker

Silencers , Paintball, & the BATF NEW!!
   So you want a silencer huh, Big Brother wants to know why. 

Basic Radio's for PaintballNEW!!
   Breaker 1-9, you gotch yer ears on?.... 

Flatline "how ya do it"NEW!!
   Problems with a flattie?....