USE of Cover - by -Jameson Burgess (Hathcock)

The paintball sniper, much like a military sniper must have an above
average ability to read the ground and identify areas and routes that
will give him cover from the opponent, and the ground that will enable
him to dominate a larger force or area of land. Without the correct use
of cover, a sniper's ability to conceal himself could be wasted. It stands
to reason therefore that to make the most of his skills, a sniper must
develop a high level of forethought and imagination in the planning and
executing of his mission. To do this, a good sniper follows the following

1.Always try to blend with the background from the opponents viewpoint
and where possible travel with a suitable screen and backdrop to increase
the chances of going unnoticed.

2. Never break skylines or be silhouetted against natural lines. This
draws the attention of the eye and could lead to the sniper being located
and engaged.

3.Avoid isolated cover. Not only is this difficult to move to or from,
but its isolation will naturally draw the opponents attention.

4.Regularly check and where necessary change or add to natural camouflage.
Lack of attention to detail in this area will almost certainly lead to
the sniper being compromised and probably eliminated.

5.Avoid any unnecessary or quick movement, since both catch the eye. Always
try to move under cover and plan the route to minimize exposure.