Making a Military type Ghillie and gun wrap


Option 1 the way I did it cost about  $120.00, I will give you a much longer and labor intensive process in option two if you don't have any cash.


Option 1 the way I did it: (note I have made 5 ghillies to date and the directions that I am about to give you are by far the easiest way to make a good looking full military ghillie).




1). one set of olive drab BDU's. (top and a bottom)


2). 5 tubes of shoe goo.


3). one PRE MADE  full ghillie poncho, (I used the one that was for bow hunting), from:, (or you can buy the kit and make it your self see option  two below).


4). a small 3' by 3' square of canvas, a HEAVY duty zipper that will zip you up from the crotch to slightly above nipple level on your chest, a spool of heavy duty upholstery thread or un-glossy dental floss, a pack of eyed needles make sure you have at least one large curved needle, from a fabric store.


5). a rubber kitchen utensil drawer liner, (non slip, it is a thin, 1/8" thick rubber mat so your forks an knives won't slide around in your drawers in your kitchen).


6). two cans of olive green, non glossy spray paint, and one can of flat black spray paint.


7). one pair of military glove liners, olive green, (to hide your hands).


8). Optional: a little bit of  camo see through screening that drapes across the front of your mask so that glare from the lens doesn't give you away.


9).  One spray bottle each of fire retardant and water proofing, (you can get these from or, or the water proofing can come from a sporting goods store.


10).  a pair of scissors to cut your thread.





1). put on your BDU's with the shirt INSIDE out, you want the pockets on the inside, note where the shirt hangs to when you are standing up straight, then bend over like you are squatting and note where the shirt hangs to, mark where the back of the shirt hangs on your pants, take off the BDUs and shoo goo the shirt to the pants, yes you are making it into a "Jump suit", make sure there is enough slack at the waist where they join that you can bend over/squat without straining the material. Then sew and shoe goo the HEAVY duty zipper in from the crotch of your paints, all the way up to slightly below your nipple line, so it zips on and off like a jump suit would.


2). pull the poncho/ghillie onto your BDUs, put on the head piece have a friend note where the rear of the head piece crosses the collar, sew and shoo goo it to the collar of your shirt so you will have a hood type ghillie pull over.


3). cut out the front of the poncho, from slightly above the nipple line, from left and right seams of the shirt and pants, the front of the shirt and front of the pants should be clear of ghillie material, take the front square that you cut off and cover the rear of your pants all the way down to the hem, I am tall so the rear of the poncho only came down about 1/4 of the rear of my legs, you definitely want the backs of your legs covered to.


4). sew and shoo goo the ghillie netting to the BDUs, especially the stress points like shoulders and left  and right margins where the netting is sewed to the seams.


5). cut rectangular shaped pieces of canvas that will cover your elbows 4" above and below and side to side, or seam to seam, 6" above and below knee from seam to seam, and the left and right side of your chest front of shirt from nipple line to waist and about 2" clearance from where the shirt zips and 2" clearance of the left and right seams of the shirt. Now the canvas is white so take your OG paint and paint it green.


6). cut 2 layers of the draw liner that is 1/4" all the way around than your pieces of canvas, lightly shoo goo then to the backside, (the unpainted side), of the canvas then sew and shoo goo them onto there proper locations on the front of the ghillie as discussed above these rubberized canvas pads, reinforce areas that are abused a lot in crawling and lying on the ground and also the rubber helps protect you from abrasion/abuse.


7). once the canvas/rubber pads dry, (about 20 minutes), hang the suit up were you can see the entire front, or lay it on the ground, on its back, and use the black spray paint and put random cris/cross patterns not to heavy, to break up the solid green color.


8). IMPORTANT!!!!!.....make sure you spray fire proofing spray on your ghillie, and spray it on and let it dry BEFORE you spray on the water proofing spray.


9). Crack open a beer, and stick a fork in that pig, your done baby!




It is same as above but you purchase a ghillie poncho in kit form and make it by hand, (this usually takes about 20‑40hrs depending on how long it takes you to tie knots, and a kit is about 40‑60$ less, OR if you are really desperate for cash, you can do the burlap color and shred thing, this is very cheap it avoids the cost of the ghillie kit all together but you add another 20 hrs to your project plus the cost of RIT dye and tubs to dye in, and the HUGE mess of shredding the burlap, which is NOT FUN AT ALL, I did my first one this way, take it from me, spend a few bucks and do it the easy/less messy way.


NOTE: I have had people, on several occasions, step on me or stumble right on me when I was lying in hiding with my ghillie.


Don't forget to save some 1" by 1" netting and some left over jute strands to make your gun/marker wrap.

Then hang it on your marker secure it with rubber bands with small wire or paper clip hooks so you can take it on and off easily, make sure it doesnít hang into or interfere with moving parts, cut it away from these areas, I use a silencer on my marker so my gun wrap is in two parts, so I can remove the silencer, (with has its own wrap), to clean paint our of the gun for those fun and exciting ball breaks, you donít want to have to remove your entire wrap just to clean your gun, make sure your wrap is not in the way of field cleaning and velocity adjustment screws, etc.

I will try to get some more different angled pics of  the ghillie with close ups and maybe some action shots.


"Illigitimus Non‑Corobundum"

Poppa Bear