Training With a Scout
By Sniperwolf



                A scout can be one of the most effective additions to your game play, or can absolutely ruin it. That is why intensive training with your partner is extremely important. You must get to know your partner as well as you know yourself. You have to have enough confidence in him to trust your life to him.


Choosing a Scout

                You shouldn't go strait out and start looking for a scout.  Most of the time, you will just happen upon a scout. The best scouts show certain qualities. These qualities include patience, ability to stay calm in hot situations, an interest in both sniping and assault skills, and loyalty.


                A scout must be very patient. Many players in today's game will fire unnecessarily, or rush into situations too soon. As a sniper, you should understand the importance of patience. A scout must also understand this. Abide by the One Shot, One Kill rule. Look for someone who waits to make his shots, instead of spraying and praying.


                A scout must also be cool headed. Many times as a sniper, enemy's will draw close to your position. These are times, as a sniper, you must lay still. These enemy's may not be your objective. A good scout must be able to keep down the urge down to fire. A scout must understand that when enemy's draw close, that being still is the best policy. Along the lines of staying cool, look at this situation: You are assigned to eliminate a team captain or a general. You and your scout inch your way into position. Slowly, you wait for the exact moment to strike. POP! Now a swarm of enemy's begin rushing around like a bunch of yellow jackets yelling "Sniper! Sniper! Find the Sniper!". As a sniper, you know to lay still. Don't get up and run, you wont last. Laying still, they will eventually forget about you and you can slither away. A scout must understand this concept. It is never good after you get your snipe, enemy's begin looking for you and your scout gets scared and bolts, rendering you and your position out in the open. Look for someone who doesn't run away from everything.


                A very helpful thing for a scout to be able to do is have both the qualities of a sniper, and the qualities of an assault specialist. It comes in handy if more than one target must be eliminated in a snipe.  It is also helpful to have a scout, so you have the ability for a sniper flank. But a scout must not only be able to snipe, but he needs to be able to back you up when needed. Sometimes, a scout will go forward to flush out enemies. This is when the assault ability of a scout comes in handy. Look for someone who can make the long shot, or get his team out of trouble.


                A scout must also have a sense of loyalty. Loyalty to the art of sniping. Loyalty to you. Loyalty to himself. Loyalty to his team. A scout with loyalty will listen, he'll try, and he'll work. You want someone who will be faithful to the mission, no matter what the odds. You want someone who will listen, so he doesn't make a mistake. Look for someone who follows directions from the team captain.


                And the most important thing to look for in a scout is someone you feel comfortable with. You want a scout to be your right hand man. You should know him better than you know yourself. That's why extensive training is a must with a scout, you have to get to know each other and act as ONE unit.


Training with a Scout

                Training is extremely important to the sniper/scout team. Training is what will make or break the duo. Training is how you bond with your partner. You should train every chance you get. Here are some tips to training.


Develop a system of silent communication

                This is fairly important. On the field, you cannot (or should not) speak out loud. That is unnecessary noise. That's why Marine Snipers have developed systems of sign language to use on the field. It doesn't need to be a complicated system. Some things to make signs for would be "Enemy's approaching", "About to fire", "All Clear", "Move out", "Hold up", and the like. Another tip I read in the OSOK member forums * If you aren't a member of OSOK, join today and be part of the growing brotherhood of elite snipers at * was that if a sniper/scout combo were laying by each other, a system of squeezes are used. One squeeze meant enemy's approaching, two squeezes meant about to fire, and three squeezes meant all clear. Develop a system with your scout and train reading the signs every day. Use them in practice or in the game. It all builds up.


Learning to read each other

                You must know what your partner is going to do. That's why you get to know him so well. The only way to actually train this ability is to actually go out and practice doing things together. That way you see how the react to certain situations.


Field Training

                There are many ways to practice field training with a scout. Get out and crawl around in your ghillie suits with each other. Spy on your neighbors together. Try to see if the both of you can sneak past a dog you know. Those are good ways to improve your stealth with each other.


                Practice firing. Practice individually and as a team. Set up targets and have points for each and see who can get the most points. Try different things to improve your shots. Practice your long shots. And, practice small shots. Sometimes you must shoot into cracks in bunkers, shoot small parts such as a hopper or barrel sticking out from behind a tree. Set up drills to practice these techniques.


                Play capture the flag with each other. Play with guns. Play without guns. Have the sniper go out in the woods and hid, and have the scout come find him. Reverse it.


                Get the rest of your team to help you. In these drills, you and your scout will battle in different games against the rest of your team. Don't ever let the odds get you. The harder the odds, the better the training. Play games of you and your scout against your WHOLE team.


Develop Plans

                Develop plans for what you'll do in a game. Number your plans so you don't have to make a big discussion on the field. Have a plan for your scout rushing ahead, you backing him up. Have a plan for the sniper making a shot and the scout backing you up. Make plans for every situation you feel you may encounter, so that you'll know what to do and expect on the field.



                You as a sniper should know what to carry as a sniper. A scout is a little different. In many ways a scout should be equipped as a sniper, but in ways he shouldn't. Both of you should be wearing the same type of camo, so that you will blend in with each other and the environment. If you are going in a ghillie suit, have your scout wear one also. Although you may be taking a 45 round hopper, that's not advisable for your scout. Since he will be firing like a madman if you are discovered or if he's rushing, he can be a little more well armed. You may be toting your accurate pump, he should have at least a semi auto. Grenades may get in your way, but a scout could find good use for them. A scout could be looked at as an assaulter in snipers clothing.


On the field

                This is where you put your skills to use. Actual gaming is the best training possible. It is where you will really get to know your partner and learn about him. Play as much as possible together. On the field, you should be inseparable. All missions you should attempt together. Try flanking enemy bunkers. You take the left, the scout take the right. Slowly pick players off one at a time. That way its even more confusing to the enemy; only one shot is being fired at a time, but its always coming from a different direction! Do whatever is possible. Have your scout check out the enemy post while you back him up, have him get information such as: How many enemy's, how far away, and the like. After a few games and learning your own tricks, the sniper/scout combo will be the most deadly unit on the field. You may want to position yourself between two large trails, you facing one trail, the scout facing the other. His feet should be at your face, and your feel should be at his face. Use your system of squeezes for communication. This way you can pick enemies off one at a time, in any direction.



                A trained sniper/scout team is the most deadly unit on the battlefield. Able to strike from a distance or set up impossible ambushes, the sniper/scout team is something to be feared in the hearts of your opponents. But you can only get there through training, and getting to know your scout. Not everyone is suited for the job of a scout (not everyone is suited for the job of a sniper for that matter). This is why it is important to choose your scout as someone who possesses the traits of a good scout. It is beneficial to go alone, rather than go with a scout who will ruin your hunt. Once you find your scout, you should become soul mates. Inseparable. Best friends. Trust him with your life, because many times its going to be in his hands. So take the time to practice and spend time together. Heck, you may have to take the chance of your girlfriend getting jealous, but its a risk your going to have to take. HAVE FUN!!



OSOK Member Sniperwolf