Mission: Assassination

Matthew "Maverick" Eller
member OSOK #204

In large scenario games, snipers are usually assigned to defensive
missions. You just set an ambush and wait, or defend key positions. But
if you are lucky, you will get a very special mission. A mission that
will devastate the enemy's moral as well as score you some points. If
you are lucky, may get the honor (and sentence) of assassinating the
enemy General.

Starting out:
Before you start off from your base, you should have you exact rout
planned out. Alternative routs, quick exits, and good cover should all
be considered. Talk to other players about enemy activity and the
density of troops the area that you will be traveling in.

The equipment you should have should be a ghillie suit (or some other
form of good camo), you gun, a small hopper, and whatever little odds
and ends you may want to carry. Paint grenades and smoke bombs are
useful. Jump up and down and get rid of anything that jiggles. Remember,
your mission objective is to take out one man. You should travel very
lightly and you your skills of stealth to get you around the enemy. In
the end you should only fire one shot.

Heading out:
You should have a small force of a few men escort you to the edge of
your team's held territory. Try to hide the fact that you are a sniper.
Keep your mission under a veal of secrecy. Only a select few people
should know about it. The less people that know about it, the less of a
chance that the enemy will find out about you, the more of a chance you
will have of success. When you get to the edge of your team's territory,
you should enter the opposing team's territory in heavy cover.

Enemy Territory:

Now you are in the enemy's territory. Your movement should always be
slow. You should try to crawl all the time except for when you have to
get up. You should never fire on anyone except the General. The only
time that you should fire on anyone else is when you are fired upon.
Because when you are located, you pretty much have no chance of success
in you mission. To you, stealth is life. Whenever you see the enemy, you
should hide. If you get a warning ahead of time that the enemy is in the
area, you should find the best cover in your area. When the enemy just
walks up on you, you should just lie as still as possible. The human eye
is attracted to movement. When moving though the enemy territory, you
should always take the path less traveled. Across fields, thorns,
swamps, etc.

The Enemy Base:

Once you locate the base, don't get too excited. Find as observation
point some distance away from the base. Observe and locate the General.
Study his movements as well as the sentries that guard the base. You
should also observe the terrain around the base. Pick your sniping
position and points of retreat.  Your position should be no more than 25
or 35 yards, so you can be sure that you will hit him. Once you have
everything planned out, crawl into position. Load you gun and get into
the perfect prone position. Wait you a clear chest shot. No fancy,
"maybe" shots, you have to get him on the first shot, if you are very,
very lucky, you can get two. When you take the shot, don't move, don't
pump your gun, scratch you ear, anything. Whether you hit the General or
not, you now have every available opposing player looking for you. You
now have three choices to make, retreat, make a stand, or do nothing and
just lay there. If you retreat, you have very little chance of getting
back to your base. If you make a stand and start shooting people, you
might take a couple of people out, but you are a good as dead once you
are located. Your third choice is your best, just don't do anything.
After a while, if you are lucky, they will just give up looking for you,
and you might even get another shot at the general.