Basic Tactical Guidelines
    Learn what to look for in any combat situation

Attrition & Demoralization
    Cut off supplies, break their spirits & destroy them

SOG Tactics
    SOG is like bad Chinese food, they both tear you up from the inside.

 Recon - The Straight Shot  
    Everything you wanted to know about your enemy, from his backyard.

Sniper Tactics
    A comprehensive guide of Sniper training, tactics, and gear

Anti-Armor Tactics
    Keep those pesky tanks in the dead zone

Surviving Tank Assaults
    Armor, shmarmor.....

Beginners Guide to Tank Warfare-
    Patton has nothing on this guy.

Interdiction Teams-  
    Bringing the war to the enemies front door? man, that sounds familiar.....

Counter Sniper Operations-  
    Kick that bush-bag off your turf

Urban Combat-  
    8 quick tips to playing MOUT sites.

Warning Devices-   NEW!!
    Keep that perimeter tight as a drum.

Combat Photography-   NEW!!
    The most dangerous job on the battlefield

Winter Paintball Tactics- NEW!!
    Brrrr, my balls are frozen