by Squeegie

SOG missions (Special Operations Group) are an often overlooked tactic in scenario paintball. Knowledge being the key to most successful attacks, you have to have some method of gaining accurate, up-to-the-minute intel about your objective. The SOG squad is the perfect tool for the job. Quiet, stealthy, and having the ability to strike from deep behind enemy lines, should the need arise. 

Setting up a SOG squad
    SOG s
quads should remain small. A 5 player team moves much quicker and quieter than a 10 or 15 man team. The players need to be very well equipped with accurate markers, demolition capabilities (satchel charges, law rockets, etc.), and night vision for after hour missions. They should also have a reliable means of direct communication with either the general or his second in command. This will help the squad keep up to date on friendly troop movements as well as keep the general informed on the teams status. A good knowledge of  the area is very important as well Many times the recon team will find that they need to find their way to objectives quickly.  They need to know when to sit still and let the enemy go by for the sake of the mission. A good sense of being able to blend in with the enemy is another helpful asset. This will make it easier to get in close without being detected.  SOG teams need also to be patient due to the long amounts of time just observing the enemy. This is the most difficult trait to find in a team, as most prefer to get lots of trigger time as opposed to sitting and watching. Last but not least, they need to be fearless. Recon may find themselves in some very nasty situations. Self preservation is not in the SOG's vocabulary.  

Basic SOG Tactics
    The SOG Tactics are just an enriched form of basic stealth and movement techniques. The major difference is the ability of SOG to not be caught, while still inflicting damage on the enemy. Here are a few basic uses for SOG.

    Enemy Assessment 
            Find out when the prime time to attack a base or other hot piece of real estate. SOG can give you an up to the minute count and assessment of the enemy's strengths. This is great for planning an attack so that you don't send in too few players to get the job done. SOG can also act with first strike capabilities, thus helping the reserves gain superiority upon their arrival. 

            Blow bridges, buildings, and other structures without having to fight your way into an area. Utilize the SOG's stealth ability to get in , get the job done, and get out. After a base has been blown without a shot fired, it really takes its toll on the enemies morale. Setting booby traps behind enemy lines is another favorite SOG mission. Time delay prop bombs in buildings can cause alot of problems for the enemy is planned properly

    Armor Ambush 
            If a tank or vehicle is on its way to attack, stop it dead before it leaves the base. Ambush it and use a law rocket or Satchel charge. Most tanks never expect to be blow up on their own side of the field. Catch em with their pant down.

    Night Stalkers
            With the use of night vision, SOG can direct intercept/ ambush missions on enemy troops. Giving the location of the enemy, and their probable destination, a friendly force could set up ambushes to wipe them out before they reach the objective. This is also good for gathering props that have been attained by the enemy. Wait for them to do all the hard wok of finding the prop, then send in an interdiction team to destroy them and gather the fruits of their labors.