Alternate Arsenal

Disclaimer: Some and or all of the items listed in this site may or may not be illegal, dangerous, deadly, real bad, and/or not a good idea. The plans are here for you to make the decision whether to build them or not, and are here for reference purposes only.,and anyone affiliated with them are not responsible for any damages, deaths, legal actions, locust, floods, rashes, funny smells coming from the crawl spaces, burning sensations when you urinate, exposť about you and your family on Dateline, or any other plague that you may bring upon yourself from building and or using any of the items herein. Use common sense, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. This site is not for children, morons, or anti-government establishments. Please use your gray matter in a responsible way. Have Fun & Play Safe.

Air mine   - UPDATE!! New diagram for tripwire set added

PAW  - Something to swat those pesky tanks with

Project Saturation  - Hmmm, sounds like rain......