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Here is a list of materials not needed to de-construct the Air Mine.

Qnty | Material | Special Instructions
(2) | 2" dia. sch.40 pvc | cut into 2 8" sections
(2) | 2" dia. sch.40 pvc coupling | they should fit over the
(2) | 2" x 3/4" threaded pvc female adapter | Should fit in
couplings,3/4" threaded
(1) | 2" dia. sch.40 pvc end cap |
(1) | 1/4" tire valve stem,w/ threaded stem | Brass truck stems work
(2) | 3/4"dia. x 1" threaded steel pipe | sometimes called Chase
(1) | 3/4" sprinkler valve, 90 degree type | Don't buy the inline type
(1) | 12v toggle switch | the beefier the better
(1) | 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" battery box with cover | Radio shack has them 
(3) | 9 volt battery connectors | The snap on type
(1) | Wireless doorbell | Wal-mart, $10.00
(3) | 9 volt batteries |
(1) | roll of Teflon pipe thread tape |
(1) | pvc cement | use the type for sch. 40
pvc only
(8) | Nylon Zip ties Big ones | the kind they use for
(1) | 1' insulated wire | any spare electrical
wire will do

The construction is real simple. You can get most of it from the picture
on my page. Here you go.

Take a one of the couplings and cement the threaded female adapter to
the inside. Use plenty of cement, The better the seal the better the
mine. They should fit quite snug anyways, so with the cement you may
have to tap them together with a mallet or something. Do this to both
couplings. Once the cement has set, cement a piece of the 2" x 8" pvc
pipe to the coupling. Once again, they should already fit snug, so tap
if necessary. Do this to both pieces of pipe. You should now have two
pieces of 8" pipe with couplings on one end and threaded inserts in the

Now you need to take the two pieces of steel pipe and wrap Teflon tape
on one end. with a pipe wrench, screw the pipe into the 3/4" threaded
female insert on the ends of the pipe we just made. Make sure its in
there real tight, if not, your Mine will leak air.
Do not glue this connection. If you need to modify your mine later on,
this give you the liberty to separate it from the solenoid valve. Take
the end cap and drill a hole in the center that will allow you to screw
the Tire valve into. Your valve stem should come with hardware to allow
you to tighten it up and create an air tight seal. Once you have done
this, cement the end cap to the end of one of your 8" pvc pieces. This
will be your air chamber. Make sure that your connections are solid, as
any leaks will cause your mine to not work. You should now have two
pieces, one being an air chamber, and the other is your barrel.

Place some Teflon tape on the threaded pipe of the air chamber and the
barrel. Take the sprinkler valve and screw the air chamber into the
intake port. This is represented on the drawing as an arrow "-->" to the
right and up. Screw the barrel into the other port just above it. You
should make sure that these connections are very tight and leak proof.
Once again, do not cement any of these points for future modifications.

You now have the basic Air Mine. Now you have to hook up the electrical.
Take the 9 volt connectors and solder them in a series ( black to red ).
Hook one of the leads to the toggle switch and the other to the
sprinkler valve lead. Don't solder any of this yet. Hook the other
sprinkler valve lead to the other end of the battery. Put the batteries
in the connectors and flip the toggle switch. If you hear the mine
click, you have it wired correctly. If not, change the connection on the
toggle switch until you have it correct. Once you figure out what works,
write it down. You still need to wire the doorbell into the circuit.

If you plan to trigger your mine by a tripwire, you need to do the following modifications. You need to make a mount on the top barrel of the mine that will allow you to attach a clothespin. This can be done using a bigger diameter of PVC pipe that has been glued to the barrel, to a small wooded block can be strapped onto the side of the barrel and the air chamber. However it is accomplished, you should not penetrate the barrel or the air chamber. A clothespin need to have two small metal screws attached to the gripping ends of the pin. It is best to disassemble the clothespin and screw them in so that the heads will touch when the pin is closed. Attach the switch leads as shown in the diagram. Attach a clothespin with the open end toward the end of the barrel. When the clothespin in closed, the  leads should come together, thus firing the mine. A small piece of plastic with the tripwire attached to it is placed in between the jaws of the clothespin. When the tripwire is tripped, he plastic shield pulls free allowing the jaws to clamp, thus fires the mine. Very VERY, effective against both personnel and armor. You are now ready to play. Be sure to keep the safety on until the mine is set, we don't want any accidents. If you want to run your mine remote, continue the steps.

Take the cover off of the doorbell receiver, Find the chime and cut the
wires leading to it as close to the chime as possible. Now connect the
leads from the receiver in-between the switch and the valve. This allows
the doorbell to interrupt the circuit until it sends power to the chime.
Once the chime is activated, it acts as a switch and closes the circuit
thus allowing power to reach the valve. You will have to play with the
wiring a bit to get the correct combination. The wiring of the doorbell
to the rest of the circuit must be done in the correct sequence. If the
polarity is reversed it will not work. Once you have the correct
sequence, write it down. Run the wires from the doorbell out the front
of the slots in the cover. You may want to add some wire to the leads to
make them longer.

All that is left to do now is mount the boxes to the mine. Cut a hole in
the side of the battery box and mount the toggle switch. Cut another
hole to allow for wiring to travel in and out. Cut two notches out of
the back of the box and run Zip ties through them and around the valve
of the mine . Location is not critical, put the box wherever it fits
best . Be sure to leave room to put the doorbell receiver on as well.
Once you have mounted the box, Mount the doorbell receiver in the same
manner. It should already have holes in the back to run ties through.
Once the boxes are mounted, put the batteries in the box and wire the
mine as you had written down. Push the button on your doorbell to make
sure it works. Mark on the battery box which switch position is safe and
which is fire. You are now ready to try it out.

Flip your switch to " safe". Pump up your mine and check the pressure
with a tire gauge. Don't load it with anything yet. Flip the switch to
"fire". Your mine is now armed. Press the doorbell button. Your mine
should blow air. If it does the repeat the above steps except fill the
barrel with water.( be sure to do this outside, DUH!!) Fire the mine.
You should get a good spread of water. Now Charge the mine again without
any water and write down the psi you put in. Leave the mine on "safe"
and check it again in an hour. If you have lost more then 10 psi, you
may have a leak. Double check all your connections and fix any leaks you
may have. You now have a fully operational mine. When storing your mine,
take the batteries out of the doorbell receiver and put the mine on
safe. This will increase the battery life due to a trickle of energy
loss while the mine sits. Happy Mining!!!