Paintball Assault Weapon

" the anti wiper weapon "


We have quite a treat for you all this time. Those of you who have been reading this site on a regular basis are familiar with the AirMine (see AirMine text & picture below), we have taking it to the next level. We have designed a modification that will change your current mine into a shoulder fired cannon. With the newest design, you basically have 2 paint slingers in one unit. We have created a rough outline of how to do the modifications, however due to the differences in the way people build things , it may or may not work on your mine. If you haven't built an AirMine yet I would suggest building the PAW first and then retrofitting the mine to it.

Alot of people wrote in with the problem of refilling the mines in the field. This was originally done by taking a bicycle pump and recharging the unit. Slow and noisy, but it worked. The new design uses a 12 gram pump called a Superflate that is used by mountain bike enthusiast. This little gem cost about $14.00 and will give about 3 good fills per cartridge. Not to mention that it is small and easy to use under fire. They can be purchased through Bike Nashbar www.nashbar.com . The Superflate can also double as a blowgun to clean crud off of internal gun parts. Its quite the handy little tool.

The PAW (Paintball Assault Weapon) ,as it has been so affectionately called, is a merger of the AirMine that has been showcased here before, and the Aircannon which can be found on Warpigs' homepage( www.warpig.com ) . We have tried to design the unit to be easily carried, loaded and refilled under actual paintball scenario situations. If you have already built the older style AirMine, it can easily be converted into a PAW with a few modifications. We have removed the remote capabilities from the PAW due to the fact that its primarily a shoulder fired paint weapon. The Tripwire function or the Remote doorbell system can be added to it with a few simple wiring alterations. Look here in the future for those plans.

Here are the old plans and pics of the AirMine with the doorbell remote trigger.

AirMine Text File

Basic Info

After reviewing the text file and the picture, you should have a pretty good idea of how these things work. After building the Aircannon from Warpig, I found alot of things that could be improved to make it a little more practical for the "on the move" style player. The first thing that had to be changed was the valve. I originally used a 3/4" 90 degree configuration, but this proved to slow down the air transfer too much. The P.A.W. utilizes a 1" in line valve. This makes the cannon a little more like a bazooka. The second major change was the barrel. I found it difficult to load in the field using the Styrofoam cup method. I wanted to use the same ammo across as my marker, so if need be I could steal ammo form one or the other. The barrels are made from 3/4" PVC. depending on the length, you can get between 15 to 45 balls in the barrel per shot. The balls are simply muzzle fed one at a time, then the barrel is capped with paper or foam to act as a ball detent. The velocity is at 80 psi is about 200 to 220 fps with a range of about 120'. Not bad for the gas hog that it is. Once again, don't shoot someone point blank with this thing. It is intended to be used on bunkers or squads in hard to reach areas, a full on blast of 45 balls is just too much for one person to take, no matter what the speed. Use your head before you fire. The third major change is the handle. I used an old Skil saw handle, it worked very well due to the strength of the plastic and it was already notched for the firing switches. I know that not everyone has access to a Skil saw, especially one that they can rip the handle off of. However, you can use the grips from toy guns, alot of them are battery powered, so they are basically pre-wired. You can find them in K-mart or Wal-mart for around 6 or 7 bucks. To attach the handle, I used coat hanger passed through drilled holes, then you can just twist the hanger around the valve until its snug and clip off the excess.