Squeegie's Angel

OK, I have had a lot of questions asked about my rig. Everything from " where did you get that Spyder" to "Why is the HELL would you paint an Angel???"

I must say, she may not be the prettiest Angel out there, but she does the job when asked. Everything that was attached was built with functionality in mind. I didn't care if it was ugly as long as it worked. I must give big thanks to both MDS (osok#4) and Cliffy, the super machinist for coming up with the both the solutions and the actual items that are custom on my rig. Without these two guys, I would be scopeless, picking dirt from my valves, and have the LOUDEST Angel on the planet. 
So here is the specs:

1997 Standard Angel - SN # 679
45/68 Apocalypse Air system w/ Unireg
Modified Jacho barrel with custom made carbon fiber Accuracy Improving Device
A.I.D. is offset to improve line of site down the gun
Custom Delron bolt
Custom side car scope mount
Norinco 3x9 rubber coated scope
Exhaust ports are drilled & tapped for filters ( inside scope mount)
Custom made drop forward mount to reduce mask to tank intrusion
lightened trigger spring with over travel stops installed. 
VL2000 ( pre Brass Eagle) -not shown-
Custom palmetto pattern paintjob with satin finish to reduce glare (thanks Jonas). 


Squeegie_Angel_full.jpg (24413 bytes)    Squeegie_Angel_dropfoward.jpg (53698 bytes)    Squeegie_Angel_scopemount.jpg (52747 bytes)    Squeegie_Angel_AID.jpg (31272 bytes)

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