Commanding a Scenario Paintball Event

PBZ would like to personally thank Patrick "Pacman" McKinnon and "Dutch" Jerry Schappert for their help in compiling the following article. Although I myself have never commanded an event, I have had the pleasure of serving under & playing against each one of these players. What they say here is expressed ten-fold on the field. Exceptional players and exceptional  people. Thanks guys. 

Patrick "Pacman" McKinnon

On Commanding in a scenario event...

Lead by example,  Stand-up ball, non whiner....  you get a call that goes
other than favorable?  Oh well just say, "We'll get the next one" and keep
on going.  Don't dwell on it and allow any issue or call to fester into a
problem.  ie keep your eye on the prize...  making sure everyone is having
Listen to your role-players, they usually have some good information that
may help you add some points to your final tally....
Communicate with your assigned teams via e-mail before the event is
possible.  or on Friday night before the event.  Find out what each team
sees themselves as being best at...   Mission runners, run and gunners,
intel,,,  special roles, base security, etc....
Then let these players and teams do what they are best at.....
Talk to everyone on your team.  Let all the players contribute to your
First and foremost...  No matter how bad it gets ALWAYS come out of the
command bunker with a smile on your face and at attitude that sez were close
guys just work a little harder and were back in this game.

I've seen Commanders get behind in a game or feel they are getting their
butts kicked.  This attitude will spread throughout the team like wildfire
and ruin everyone's good time and fuck off any chance at all of turning
things around.  I mentioned this to one general of a game a long time ago
and she got it together and WOW her team turned it around and ended up

Always keep a positive attitude...   You've got to command and lead and
there's no room in there for BS.

In simplest terms, your attitude is what your teams attitude will be in ten

Read the 101 most important things to remember while commanding a paintball
scenario event authored by Carson "Squeegie" Jenkins!!!

Remember most of all, and always pay attention to #101..  "Make sure the
person your shooting at is having as much fun as you are!!!"



Dutch' Jerry Schappert

Do's & Don'ts & a Generals Outlook

#1 Most important; Being General is a big honor & a whole lot of people are
looking to you to have Fun.....make sure that's why you 'volunteered'....

#2 Get on the net via 'WARPIG' or what have you & smack it up......for
many, the game begins long before the call "Game ON" kinda goes with
the 'fun' formula.

#3 Know the theme.....if it's a book, read it, movie, watch it, etc..
It will help you so much.

#4Game Day;  It's been my experience that if you take the night
before ( usually Friday night.) to introduce yourself to your players & get familiar
with team names, objectives, who has Night Vision, etc. it benefits ALL. (Spook
taught me that)

#5 At the start of the game send the kitchen sink--who cares if they know
you're coming it's a wonderful welcome to the 'game' present, plus it works
out early game adrenaline for your troops.=they always come back smiling..

#6  I always try to keep a perimeter but I don't lose sleep if ones not
there. I've been alone with but one or two in my base many a time & @ all
times of day...& night.
They don't know you don't have one, so put up a front for at most 30 minutes
till next'd be surprised how well it works...

#7  Keep the missions running/keep people moving & involved.

#8  It's great if you have a 'Home Team' that will be there especially for
you....if you don't have that go back to #'s 2 & 4.

#9 Spies, lies & props,,,,THAT'S a LOAD to keep track  of, use your XO &
trusted teams for alot of that because so much will happen without your
knowledge or permission...

#10 Get set in your mind to deal with 100's of people--usually 3 to 10 @ a
time for the 24 hours....if you have kids, that's a plus on your resume. Treat
*******Each******* person or situation as best you can & be decisive as
you can)

I know for a fact that I left a ton of info out cuz I was asked to keep it I'm still learning myself.
If your asked to be General remember FUN is the optimum  word
& there is no better feeling in the world than to lead a army of you're
people to the greatest thrill of there lives.
& that either win or lose they understand what you've aspired to do & they
pat you on the back or shake your hand & say "Thanks" for the fun time....