Training, Techniques, and Weapons

By Peter Brookesmith


             SNIPER Training, Techniques, and Weapons by Peter Brookesmith surgically breaks down a sniper just as exactly as the sniper goes about his work.


            In the first section, the history of the modern sniper is laid out for us including the historical reasons why for the most part, snipers are loathed, until they are needed. The book explains the moral issues that come into play with Western society and the idea of chivalry and fair play. The modern sniper conflicts with this view and there is the basis to the unease that they cause. By taking the roots of hunting deer and turning that into hunting humans, snipers are hunters of men. Historical interviews with the men who were on the ground give us insights that we can turn around to our use on the field.


Sniper Deployment and training is the section that interests us the most. In this section you will find out who does what in a 2 man team and how the sniper fits into the modern army. Tactics are described to drop the sniper behind the lines in the bush or in the urban jungle. The intensive training that snipers go through is spelled out for us and can help those who are interested in starting a sniper team or just improving their own individual skills. Topics covered include camouflage and concealment, marksmanship, reading the wind, judging the wind, and picking routed to and from your shooting cell.


The section called Ten Four Blue opens a window to the world of police and counter terrorist sniping with recent historical examples ranging from UN peacekeeping operations, to the Hostage taking in Peru a few years back. The life of a police sniper and his military counterpart are discussed and the unique pressures that an officer faces when he has his crosshairs on a suspect with a hostage at gunpoint.


Great Shots is all stories and nothing but stories in the words of the men who lived them. Stories from Thomas D. Ferran, Carlos Hathcock, and a personal favorite of mine, Vasili Zaitsev. Learn from their examples.


Iím not going to guarantee this book will make you a better sniper, only that it might give you ideas on how to improve yourself. Only you can make yourself better with practice and discipline. All that, you have to do on your own.