Book Review
Silent Warrior: The Marine Sniper's Story Continues
Written By Charles Henderson
Review By Christopher "Jawa" Phares OSOK#200

Silent Warrior (SW) is the sequel to Henderson's classic Marine Sniper: 93
Confirmed Kills.  This book goes into more detail about events that were
discussed in the first book and includes some more adventures of Carlos and
his marine brothers.  The book does not discuss anything related to sniper
tactics or techniques but describes who Mr. Hathcock was and what it was
that made it great.

If you read the first book, and enjoyed it for the stories and for the man
it is about then read SW.  But, if you just read the first book to gain
knowledge about sniping I do not recommend the sequel.  The book is well
written and it discusses important topics such as patriotism, duty, honor,
courage, love, and war.  Just as Squeegie talked about Enemy at The Gates
showing the horrors of war so does this book except in words instead of
pictures.  I recommend it to any Vietnam War buffs or anyone who just wants
to read about how one man accomplishes the impossible and does incredible
things because he loves his country and his brothers in the Marine Corp.

Its availability at the local library might be limited because of the
recent school shootings and it's "political correctness".  But you can pick
it up for around 20$ at your local bookstore.  I feel it was worth the

So this is Jawa saying good night and Unenee!