Rating - 9 out of 10

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A snipers best friend
Wow, finally someone had the brains to make a lightweight reusable paintmine!! Yes kids, its true. This little gem is soon to be the snipers best friend. Lightweight, affordable, reusable, and quick setup make the mine a great addition to your bag of tricks. 

How it works
Simplicity is the key to any design. The mine works much like a Tippman grenade in a can.  There is  a small piece of silicone tubing inside the device. The tubing is filled with paint by using a syringe ( included) and is clamped off by the mine's trigger mechanism. A safety pin is installed to prevent the mine from discharging while transporting it in the field.  Once the mine is in place, a tripwire is run from the trigger clamp. When the enemy trips the wire, it releases the pressure in the tube, forcing paint out of a nozzle. The nozzle directs the paint into a fan pattern giving you better coverage. 

Quick set-up
You have to supply your own liquid paint.  I used Crayola children's washable paint. Mix it with water until it is about as thick as milk. Load the mines before you go out in the field. With the safety pin installed, you should have no worries. The mines have built in ground stakes, which is very nice. They are small enough to fit into an empty guppy pouch as well, so carrying them is not a big deal. We used our mines without tying the tripwire. This allowed us to use the wire as a "remote" and activate the mines by pulling the tripwire ourselves. Very nice.

The entire unit is made from what appears to be PVC with metal ground stake and trigger. We dropped ours off the roof a couple of times with no effect. It doesn't get much more durable than that. 

Final thoughts
The Paintballmine is a great tool. They are small and lightweight enough to carry around for that "special occasion". I can see the application of these things to be much wider than they are intended. They make great base security devices, booby traps for buildings, and a great way to cover your rear when you are in a hide. The cost is very inexpensive, especially when you compare what other mines are going for on the market. Although the range is not as great as one would hope ( about 8 to 10 feet ), the ease and functionality of the unit more than make up for it. 



        Small, lightweight. Easy to set up. Inexpensive

         Liquid paint only. Short strike range. 


approx. 2" round by 9 1/2" tall ( including stake)
metal and PVC construction
Paint is pressure driven with expanded silicone tubing
entire unit is painted matte black

Includes in package:
mine, syringe, 25' tripwire, instructions

Cost ( as of 9-16-01)
           1 mine  = $49.95
            2 mines = $79.95
            4-pack  = $119.95