I am a Paintball Sniper

Or call it Sniper Creed


No paintball player is more professional than I.  I am among the elite.  I revel in the thrill of the game.  I accept nothing less than victory.


A single shot is all I need.  I will strive to remain technically and tactically proficient in my craft.  I will know paintball and I will make myself available to others to provide help or advice if needed.


No one is more dedicated to the game than I.  I take great pride in my position and will at all times conduct myself to bring credit to my sport.


I will take no action to bring disgrace upon my sport of paintball.  Never shall I wipe paint or turn a blind eye if another should do likewise.


I will never forget that I am a professional.  That I am the best of the best.  A predator among prey.  I am a paintball sniper.  I am an army…….of one.