Helpful Sniper Links

These are a few of the spots that OSOK members have found very helpful. If you have a web page that provides useful info for Paintball Snipers, please e-mail it to

Member Pages
Military Sniper Pages
Equipment Manufactures


- Very cool plans on a tripwire talon. 

PAINTBALL REVOLUTION - Cyclone's own help page.

Paintball Universe  - Carl's paintball site

Ugly Paintball - Scott Ugly's site

Paintball Freaks - Myrddyn's web community page

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MILITARY SNIPER PAGES - The page for everything you want to know about serving as a sniper in the armed forces. Loads of field craft data as well. Very informative. - Another military sniper page. Lots of technical info on movement and such.     

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EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURES Makers of the LOAD, paintball "claymore" style mines & video surveillance equipment - Makers of small refillable trip mines

TacPro Tactical Products -  GoggleSkinz one way camo for your lens, Banners, Stickers, and other team gear

UCD Camo Designs - Makers of high quality ghille suits - On-line Night vision store - very good customer service. 

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