OSOK paintball sniper group

What is OSOK?
OSOK stands for One Shot One Kill. Now before you go off on your paramilitary rant, there is history behind the name. One Shot One Kill was a creed used by snipers throughout history. In a time where thousands of round of ammunition were being spent with little or no result, individual soldiers would venture out and turn battles with single well placed shots. Bravery, cunning, and skill were common traits in the sniper ranks.  We have adopted those traits in the style of play that we chose. Although the tactics and art of sniping that we players utilize were created in the theater of war , it does not mean that war is a game. Paintball snipers are a different breed of player, much like their military likenesses. The difference is that we are in it for the game, and in no way shape or form should that be confused with actual combat. Nor should it be considered an insult to the snipers who have fought and died serving our country. We here at Paintballzone.com as well as the OSOK sniper group believe that the men and women in the armed forces that protect our great nation ( and our allies) deserve nothingness than our undying gratitude and utmost respect.

What does OSOK do?
OSOK exchanges tips and strategies amongst its members. We also promote the single shot over the more popular "volume = victory" style that has become so rampant. We help new players understand the advantages of good marksmanship and stealth, and try teach the public the strategic usefulness of  snipers in paintball scenario games. Through its member contribution website, we can share our knowledge with the public and promote our style of play further.

What does OSOK cost?
nothing. zip. zilch. nada.

What do I get for joining?
Discounts for gear from  GoggleSkinz, a cool number for your e-mail signature, and the envy of your peers. Sorry, what do you want for free?

What do I have to do once I am a member?
Promote sniping in paintball whenever possible. Contribute a tactic or other bit of information to the OSOK website at least once a year. This is very important, because our goal is create a complete sniping tactical database for all players to enjoy. Only through the sharing of information can we help others learn of our style of play and gain in strength as a group. If you do not contribute, you will be removed from the OSOK group. 

How do I join?
We used to have a form to join with, but now we are just having our recruits join on our forum and get to know everyone in the group. The forum can be found here http://squeegie.proboards21.com/ . Register on the site and start posting. Share your knowledge and tactics with others and you will be rewarded. Follow the rules as they are written on the board. Attitude and arrogance need not apply.