MI-2001 , Camp Blanding

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Main St. 

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Jose' Cantina
Drinks were cheap, but the service sucked. 

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Looks just like my old high school!!

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"Now where in the hell did I park my car?"
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Bill Mills of Warpig hocks a loogey onto a unsuspecting newbie

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Mardi-Gras "Blanding" style. 

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A bunch on air with a hole around it

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2 seconds later, he is running from a swarm of wasp. Can you say MOTIVATION??

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Unknowing to the players, the US Army's held their annual garage sale the same weekend

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Despite the blistering heat, grass still managed to choke the only source of water we had.  

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Ain't nothing like Gov't housing.
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& more Buildings.
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Death from above
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The T&M Mortar ready for use.