Eye of the Storm
Wayne's World  - April 7 & 8  2001
All photos by Demolition Goblin


eyot_black_berets.jpg (21601 bytes)
Where is Hawkeye & Radar?

eyot_camp.jpg (18521 bytes)
The campgrounds from the nosebleed section

eyot_gun.jpg (19196 bytes)
No, it only shoots 1 ball, one REALLY BIG ball

eyot_insertion.jpg (24229 bytes)
"What's everyone standing around for?  The roads clear on this side"

eyot_law.jpg (17159 bytes)
And they wonder where all plumbing in the admissions trailer went to. 

eyot_mask.jpg (22687 bytes)
aaaa-ooooo, Werewolf in Ocala. 

eyot_northern_base.jpg (28451 bytes)
Quaint 2 bedroom fixer-up located on prime north forest real-estate

eyot_southern_base.jpg (18888 bytes)
Châteaux South base

Special Thanks to Demolition Goblin for the pictures!!!