MXS 40 Thieves Gallery


Stopdrum-1.jpg (29593 bytes)
If you weren't there, you wouldn't understand.

pose---van--40-thieves.jpg (20645 bytes)
Teal representing

crowd--40-thieves.jpg (26733 bytes)
405 Scenario players

mxs-&-mortar.jpg (39637 bytes)
Moo, Pacman & Mother (nice banner)

genie-40thieves.jpg (41742 bytes)
"Yes 3 wishes, no more, no less."

player---m-16-rig---40-thie.jpg (36145 bytes)
Scenario players have the coolest toys
Mr-Hanky---action---40-thie.jpg (28323 bytes)
Mr. Hanky, "I'll make you famous!"
squeegie---action2-40thvs.jpg (40215 bytes)
Squeegie gets in a little sniper action. Thanks Epic for the pics

squeegie---action-40thvs.jpg (27235 bytes)
Holding the river during final battle. Pic by Epic

mike-&-josh---action2---40t.jpg (29154 bytes)
Death 1 & 2 moments before hypothermia sets in. Pic by Epic

mike-&-josh---action---40th.jpg (34564 bytes)
A little water n-n-never hurt anyone. Pic by Epic

straight8-setup3.jpg (49146 bytes)
The "Straight 8" Paintball Mine from FirstShot Paintball

Goob---gotcha---40-thieves.jpg (34357 bytes)
Goob "sans Cookie Duster"

awards---cheers---40-thieve.jpg (22740 bytes)

Applause whores Dutch & GI

moo---pose--40-thieves.jpg (26596 bytes)
Boo! Moo!
dutch---trophy---40-thieves.jpg (21525 bytes)
Persian General
GI-vs-Dutch-40-.jpg (26381 bytes)
What's real scary is where his finger was 2 seconds before this picture was taken.
cory-TMD---trophy-cop-a-fee.jpg (35443 bytes)
Pacman cops a feel from TMD's Cory while he is holding his MVT trophy
air-assault--gear---40-thei.jpg (36103 bytes)
Paintball meets Georgia Red Clay
josh---pose-shirt--40-thiev.jpg (33433 bytes)
Paint Check!!