How to Succeed in a Scenario Game

    Scenario games are played by two types of people, those who are there to play the role and become the game, and those who are there just to shoot at a bunch of people. The players who take their roles seriously will be the ones who prevail. You must play the game as an actor would in a movie. Become the character, follow the story line. This is the first step in becoming victorious. Now that you have decided how to play, here are a list of things to help you succeed.

Storyline:  Follow it. Find out what the game is based on ahead of time. Read the book, rent the movie, check out the history at the library. The more information you have, the better the chances. Remember the names of important people, places, and events. Many different people & objects will cross your path during the game. it helps to know which ones to listen to, and what items to retrieve.

Objectives: Eliminations won't win the game. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to complete the mission and get the points. If that means you have to let 20 easy eliminations walk by, then so be it. Plan out your missions. If you need alot of players to make it to a certain area, recruit some. There will be plenty of people who are out just to shoot. Take them with you as fire support. If your mission requires being stealthy, send a bunch of players out as a diversion. Just because they aren't into the game as you are doesn't make them useless.

Security: Do not talk about future missions, plans, or any information out in the open. Most breeches of security happen off the field. Spies routinely walk the campsites & hospitals listening and talking to players. Don't let anyone near the base or generals quarters without being cleared by the security officer. More damage is done by players who allow people into the base who have not been cleared. If you are running security, check everyone and everything. DO NOT let anyone in the base with a demolition weapon ( Satchel Charges, RPG, etc.). Clear all items before bring the into a base as well. Many attacks come in the form of letter bombs, nerve gas, and other nasty devices. Keep on your toes, confusion breeds opportunity.

Deception: Bring your own props. Trade items for information & other items. The great thing about scenarios are that no one other than the director has anyway to verify if an item is worth anything. The better the prop, the more chance you have of getting away with it. Try walking into the enemy base with an item. Leave you marker with someone so not to appear as a threat. Take your item with you and try and get inside to see the general or another high ranking official. Explain what your item is, try and get some info, another item or something. Anything your get out of it will be better than what you have now. Make sure to check out any items that you get in return before bringing them back to base ( they make be an explosive or other lethal item).

Be Useful: This will gain you recognition. Ask the General what he needs done and do it. Carry out any and all missions as effectively as possible. Become your sides most valuable weapon. If the General sees that your team is the most efficient team, then you will get the better missions. Do as much for your side as you can. If your waiting by your base for a mission, then run security. If your at the hospital, then try and get some info out of an enemy player. Anything you do that can be beneficial.

Play the Game: Have fun, be honest. Play with the respect that you would want others to have. The more people who follow those guidelines, the better the game. With as many players, cheating tends to run rampant. Don't get caught up in the premise of " they cheat so I should too". Teach through example, have fun & play safe.