What's a Scenario Game?

Scenario games are the rec ball players equivalent to competition ball. Scenario games usually involve hundreds of players with a story line that takes place over several hours played on a giant field. Players are divided up into separate "factions" and some are assigned specific duties. Duties can include medics, engineers, demolition, spies, security, or specialty characters that are indicative of the story line. There are usually multiple goals that have to be achieved in order to gain points. These missions are dealt out by the general and carried out by squads. Teams should sign up together to ensure that they are on the same side and can carry out missions as a unit.
    With most big games, alot of points are gained off the field through trading of information & items that are of value. These covert operations are usually handled by the spies or other bit players. A bit player may not get alot of trigger time, but if your into the whole acting thing, this may be your bag. The biggest draw of scenario's are the people. Most of us don't get to play against a couple hundred people at our local fields. There is nothing like going up against 150 man firing lines. It is truly an experience.
Most scenarios allow other types of armament such as Air Cannons, Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, and anything anyone else can dream up. This give the games alot more option from the standard weekend play that most of us are accustomed to. With the new weaponry, you are allotted more options to carry out missions ( tank support, armored insertions, etc.) Make sure you get all items cleared by the scenario director before using them in a game.
    Another twist of  scenarios are the night missions. Most scenario games run into the night, allowing a whole new aspect to paintball. With your vision impaired (unless you have night vision goggles) you have to rely on your other senses. Your mind is sometimes your worst enemy in the pitch black of night (see Night Games)
    Most Scenarios cost more to play ( ranging from $30.00 to $60.00 plus paint & air), but if your looking for some better stories to add to your list of "Paintball Tales" then its definitely worth the money. Check out our other scenario help files before you go, and don't forget to Have Fun & Play Safe!!