Diggers "Silencer" paintball shoes

Rating - 9 out of 10

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I had seen Diggers on the feet of many players for about 2 years. I myself had worn the same pair of Army issue boots for the past 5 years, and was very happy with them. With the soles of my boots finally worn down , the time had come to find a replacement. Christmas was right around the corner, and the wife was in need of a gift ( being a very hard person to buy for). Diggers seemed like the logical choice. All I can say is that my feet are still thanking her. 

Diggers are the first shoe made specifically for paintball. The are available in a low top & high top version, all with the "monster cleats" that will literally rip the ground out from underneath you. I got a pair of the "Silencer" high tops for the ankle support. When I first tried them on ,it was a little awkward being raised up another inch off the ground. The soles were rather stiff and a little hard to get used to at first, but quickly broke in. The ankle support was very nice and the cushion inside the boot held everything nice and snug.  The shoe was also extremely lightweight, despite the enormous cleats and soles. 

The following weekend would be the real test. The Grand Finale at Wayne's World was being held. 24 hours of paintball in a new pair of boots. Against my friends warnings of blisters with new shoes, I decided to break them in at the game anyways. The first thing I noticed that was different was my ability to run without sliding. The cleats held to the ground extremely well, regardless of the terrain. Rocks, grass, mud & sand all felt the same. The cleats also aided me in being able to control my "bunker lean" a lot easier. I could hold myself up and lean out to shoot without having to worry about my feet slipping around. I was very pleased. 

I spent 28 hours staring in those boots that weekend. I took one hit to the side of the foot ( yes, it still stung), tripped over countless logs at night, and ran about a hundred miles. At the end of the weekend I had zero blisters and my feet felt like I had been on a nice evening walk around the neighborhood. I was really starting to love these shoes. 

I have had my boots for 3 months now, and they have seen 3 scenario games, and countless rec games. They are a bit dirty, but other than that they are holding up just fine. I will never buy another pair of Army boots again. These things are a must have on any player list. You just don't know what you are missing until you get a pair. One more closing note, when my wife ordered my boots it was during the Christmas rush. They size that I needed was on back order and it was going to be an additional 3 weeks before the new shipment arrived. That would mean they would miss both the game and Christmas. The fine people at Diggers scoured the planet to find my size for me and located a pair. They had them rushed to my home so that they would be there in time for the game. That kind of service coupled with an outstanding product is very refreshing. 


    Lightweight, comfortable. Excellent traction. Wears like a tennis shoe, hold like a jump boot.

    Only available in black ( We want camo!!)

       $60.00 direct from Diggers (2-26-01)