Paintball Zone was started almost 4 years ago with the simple purpose of providing info to rec ball players. After playing my first couple of games, I had started looking on the web for info about tactics, sniping,  and other items that helped me with my style of play. Due to the popularity of speedball, most sites were geared towards tourney play. It became quite difficult to find anything for scenario players. I saw a void and started to fill it. Originally known as "Squeegie's Homepage of Alternative Arsenal", the first relied heavily on the construction of air cannons and booby traps ( a personal favorite of mine on the field). After the hits started to pour in, we moved to our current domain and beefed the site up towards something that a scenario player could really use on the field. Tactics & Training. Now we have expanded the site to include a variety of scenario help files and other useful info to help players have more fun than ever.