Paintball Sniper Poetry

Stephen Herman


The Hunter and the Hunted

Slowly I crawl to a perfect vantage point                                                         Gotta keep moving, gotta get to the flag


I peer through my scope                                                                                     Just a little bit further


Scan the area                                                                                                        Canít shoot, no one knows Iím here


Movement in my sight, the enemy                                                                    Slowing now, too close to run


Deep breath, slow my pulse                                                                               Crouching low, canít make noise


Adjust for range, 100 feet                                                                                   100 feet to the flag


Come a little bit closer, canít afford to miss                                                     Kneel behind the bunker, watch for snipers


OK, heís stopped.  Align my crosshairs on his goggles                               Scanning to the left and right of the flag


Squeeze the trigger, only 1/8th inch to go                                                         Hey, whatís that?




Ball streaks in at 300 feet/second


Looks on target, donít move yet                                                                       Oh crap!




Ha HaÖNice shot!!                                                                                             HITÖIíM OUT!!!


Click, click.


OK one down


Another round in the chamber.